Partners & Supporters

Building strong community partnerships is integral to our work. Over the years, we have developed ongoing relationships with community partners throughout the GTA.

The East

The Mennonite New Life Centre of Toronto, Birchmount and Huntingwood. Adam has been facilitating youth leadership and theatre creation workshops in the Agincourt neighbourhood with recent newcomers from Mainland China since 2009. These workshops have resulted in several performances that have focused on decent work, bullying and parental expectations.

Neighbourhood Youth Alliance/Family Services Toronto/Children’s Peace Theatre, Dawes and Danforth. We have been connected to this community since Sara started working with the Children’s Peace Theatre in 2005. Our long-standing partnership has included being involved in multiple performances and youth programs with the Children’s Peace Theatre, and has resulted in our current role as facilitators of the Be That Role Model youth theatre project, organized by the Neighbourhood Youth Alliance and Family Services Toronto. This project has explored the issues of poverty, youth’s relationships with adults and self-confidence.

The West

Rexdale Women’s Centre/Toronto Public Library, Albion Branch, Kipling and Albion. Sara’s 2007 workshop in Rwanda led to an invitation to facilitate a youth workshop at the Rexdale Women’s Centre. This chance encounter initiated what has become a rich community artistic collaboration.

We have been facilitating workshops and performances in the Rexdale community in tandem with the Rexdale Women’s Centre and the Toronto Public Library for the past 5 years. Though our work was originally youth focused, recently it has become more multi-generational in scope. Our Rexdale programs have reached over a hundred participants and have facilitated relationships across cultural and linguistic differences. Over the years we have explored issues related to violence, life transitions, inter-generational communication and work. These programs have been generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council, the Canada Council for the Arts, InterChange and North York Harvest.