Summer Camp

Imagine IF Adventure Camp
for kids 4 – 10 years old

Let the Imagination Adventure begin! Each day at camp, kids will embark on a new imaginative journey: to the moon, to the future, to lands far, far away! We will be using a wide range of art-based techniques, plus every day we will venture outside to explore nature-based learning and outdoor fun at the park. Our focus is on fostering creative exploration that celebrates imagination, build community and encourage teamwork and fosters self-confidence. Our camp is all about building a supportive community, creating art together and encouraging kids to let their inner superheroes come out to play.

At camp, your child will engage in:
– theatre games and activities: improvization, character role- play, mime and clown,  scene creation and performance
– creative movement and dance
– arts and crafts – including mask making
– daily mindfulness meditation and yoga
– participatory story time – both using books and creating our own stories
– songs and rhythm building
– outdoor play
– downtime in which to be quiet and take a break

Our camp will support your child by:FullSizeRender 8

– Fostering self-confidence and self-esteem
– Building social skills and the ability to problem solve through teamwork

– Teaching them theatre, arts and performance skills
– Creatively learning about the world around them through a variety of roles and experiences
– Building positive emotional experiences and emotional regulatory skills
– Building community as they making new friends
– Having fun and celebrating their imaginations