Imagine IF: 4-8 years old

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Fairy Tale themed class

Imagine IF you discovered a new way to share your story.

Imagine IF you could change your world.

Imagine IF anything was possible.

Imagine IF  is facilitated by In Forma Theatre’s co-directors, Sara Escott and Adam Perry.

In each session, we explore a theme such as “under the sea”, “time travel” or “enchanted forest”. This theme will be a jumping off point for our adventures. Children are invited to wear their own costume accessories if they choose, during the sessions. We begin each session with an arts and crafts activity, followed by an opening circle, when those who want to share will have an opportunity to contribute an idea to start us on our exploration. We use music and movement to travel to our themed land and, once immersed in our theme, we lead the children through theatre games and exercises including mime and movement, character play, improvisation, scene creation and performance. Children gain theatre and performance skills in addition to building social skills and self-confidence through team work. 

IMG_6063Children do not need to have any previous theatre experience to participate in Imagine IF. Each child will be invited to participate as much as they feel comfortable – our focus is on having fun and developing imagination. Imagine IF is a place where everyone is welcome and anything is possible!

Spring 2017: Saturdays 10:30-11:45 am (75 min) March 25th – June 10th 



Parent testimonial: I have two kids (son, age 8 and daughter, age 5), both of whom are rather shy and quiet individuals.  Two sessions of Imagine If and they have just blossomed with self-confidence and creativity. My son loves the creative outlet and has grown in leaps and bounds in being able to speak with confidence and with people he’s just met.  My daughter has matured before my eyes and has gone from being the scaredy-cat clinging to my legs with new opportunities to jumping in with both feet showing off her independence.  Sara and Adam create a safe and collaborative environment for kids to ignite their creativity and build up their self-confidence, all while having a ton of fun!                 ~ J. Rockwood

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