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“I have two kids (son, age 8 and daughter, age 5), both of whom are rather shy and quiet individuals.  Two sessions of Imagine If and they have just blossomed with self-confidence and creativity. My son loves the creative outlet and has grown in leaps and bounds in being able to speak with confidence and with people he’s just met.  My daughter has matured before my eyes and has gone from being the scaredy-cat clinging to my legs with new opportunities to jumping in with both feet showing off her independence.  Sara and Adam create a safe and collaborative environment for kids to ignite their creativity and build up their self-confidence, all while having a ton of fun!”                

 ~ J. Rockwood, mother of 2 Imagine If participants

“Ever since I joined Be That Role Model I don’t have to worry about what other people might think. I feel that now I am connected with everyone else, which means it’s going to be easy for me to look forward in the future.”

~ Saif Sajel, youth participant, Be That Role Model

“The play touched my heart. To be present there and to know that Adam and Sara, with their group,  taking all the trouble to help  and recognize the ethnic Communities brought home to me  my own failings for not being more open , helping and welcoming of my my own peoples at large.”

~ Santan Demello – audience member STAR,  81 year-old Rexdale community member

“I just want to say thank you.  Working with you over the past three years has been an amazing opportunity.  I have learned so much and so have the youth we work with.  What you do is exciting, fun and transformative.  You are both amazing!  Thank you for everything.”

~ Ellen Curtis, Neighbourhood Youth Alliance Coordinator, Family Service Toronto

9 youth Monologue 2012


“Sara and Adam: You were both as great as usual. Your energy, warmth, expertise and encouragement were all much appreciated by the students who loved the theatre workshop with you. Way to go In Forma!”

~ Anita Shir-Jacob,Teacher, Yorkdale Adult Learning Centre and Secondary School

“I was really nervous about participating, acting makes me so uncomfortable. You guys made that nervousness disappear.”

~ Shannon O’Donnell, Project Supervisor, Canada Word Youth

“… Realmente es algo muy importante la labor que realizas en las diferentes dinamicas teatrales y para mi vida ha sido algo muy importante” [the work that you do through theatre is really very important and has been very important for my life]

~ Javier Frias Moreno, Participant and migrant farm worker

“In Forma Theatre offers a unique educational experience that offers participants a critical look into their own knowledge and values. In Forma Theatre facilitated theatre of the oppressed workshops with ease and offered an impressive forum theatre which concerned the challenges of providing local and sustainable food”

~ Nico Koening (Carrot Mob)

“I had the pleasure of participating in one of In Forma’s theatre events on food sustainability issues. I found the scripted performance engaging and thought provoking. I was impressed by In Forma Theatre’s ability to balance the seriousness of the issues with a playfulness that invited participation”

~ Christine MacKenzie: Audience Member, Squashamole

“When I started with this program, I was very much an introvert, rather unwilling to open up and participate in the process. However, over time, Sara and Adam helped foster confidence in me, and to this day I am ever grateful and amazed of the changes that they invoke in each of their pupils. Currently, almost every member of the theatre group is an outgoing, sociable individual who has seen much improvement under Sara and Adam’s tutelage. For me, the environment that they create is a space where I feel that I can feel safe, goof off at times, and explore issues which pertain to everyday life.”

~ David age 17, 2012

“Adam and Sara have been influential characters in forging bonds between people from different backgrounds and building stronger communities. From my personal experience, I can state that they have been an important role model for youth and adults alike in the Crescent Town community.”

~ Sarah age 17, 2012

“I know I will be involving myself in this program again and again into the future. Having this program facilitated by Sara and Adam set in stone for me their ability to create a safe and welcoming as well as entertaining environment.”

~ Kevin age 18, 2014