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After a great summer spent traveling, working, writing, tackling home renovations, and a bit of relaxing- we are back in action this Fall! We have two exciting programs starting this September and we are looking for participants. The first is an intergenerational forum theatre program in Rexdale and the second is an interactive, theatre-based youth entrepreneurship program in Taylor Massey.
Please pass this information on to youth and seniors in Rexdale and youth in East York who might be interested in joining!
Registration can be done through info@iftheatre.ca


A free intergenerational forum theatre program in Rexdale

A free intergenerational forum theatre program in Rexdale

Rexdale Intergenerational Theatre Ensemble

In Forma Theatre, in partnership with the Rexdale Women’s Centre, with the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council, will be offering a new intergenerational forum theatre program starting this fall in Rexdale!

This program will explore mental health issues and the intersections of experience between youth and seniors in the community. This will be a really fun program where participants will be able to make new friends, gain skills and confidence, discuss issues important to them, get their volunteer hours, and create a an interactive community play for the Rexdale community (which will be performed in December or January). We are currently looking for youth and seniors in Rexdale to join this free program.

Thursdays from 4-6pm starting September 12th at the HUB, 21 Panorama Court.

Space is limited: Contact us to register! info@iftheatre.ca

Refreshments, TTC, volunteer hours provided.
No theatre experience required!

Poster design by Kurt Firla

Youth Entrepreneurship

A free theatre-based entrepreneurship program for youth in East York

A free theatre-based entrepreneurship program for youth in East York

Youth Entrepreneurship program focussing on the Food Industry

Starting this Spring In Forma Theatre will be facilitating a new and innovative Food Entrepreneurship Program with the NYA for youth in East York.

Learn about entrepreneurship in the food industry in a fun, interactive, theatre-based setting!

Here’s some info on the program:
Starting date: Wednesday, September 18th!
Time: 4:30pm-7:30pm
Regular date: EVERY Wednesday


  • Interactive, theatre-based learning on how to start your own business
  • Experience a variety of diverse foods during restaurant tours
  • Participate in a various cooking workshops


Free TTC fare
Honorarium money (a pay received for every session you come to)
Free food
New friendships
Network with professionals in the field
Gain experience for your resume
*Gain references for your resume and more!

Are you interested in joining this program?

Email YOUTHNYA@GMAIL.COM to REGISTER for your spot in the program ASAP!

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