In Forma Theatre

In Forma Theatre is about genuine connections, sharing and playing together. With anyone. Anywhere.

We aim to engage in meaningful dialogue and celebrate community through participatory theatre. With anyone. Anywhere.

We play games. We share old stories and create new ones. We craft original performances. With anyone. Anywhere.
Join us.

Imagine IF: theatre and play classes for kids 4-13 years old

IMAGINE_IF_POSTER_PAGESIZE1Winter 12-week series
Imagine IF
 Theatre & Creative Play

4-6 & 7-9 years: Saturdays @ 10:00 am
Imagine IF Performance & Play
4-7 years: Thursdays @ 6 – 7:00 pm
8-13 years: Thursdays @ 7 – 8:00 pm


Coming Together_RevisedComing Together. In partnership with Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services and with the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council, we are thrilled to be offering a new FREE intergenerational Theatre Program starting Feb 9th. We are now accepting new participants.  Click here to find out moreFridays 3:30- 5 pm, TTC, snacks, volunteer hours provided.

Community-based Theatre Facilitator Training Hamilton+ Toronto

Community-based theatre facilitator training
April 30th & May 7th, Toronto




Mindfulness programs for all ages, designed to help participants develop a different relationship to stress and to increase their health and well-being.